Aerial Photography Dallas

I recently came across a very good friend of mine that I had not seen for over a decade. Come to find out he has been thriving in the aerial photography business for some time. It was really cool to hear my dear friends story and the journey that he has been on over the last decade and a half. And I’m thankful to social media for giving me opportunity cats with these kinds friends. It was great to hear his story about what he’s doing to make a living these days and of course many other details about life and where life has brought him. The interesting thing about his current profession is the drone that place part in this business. My friend Craig close play with toys just like I do. He’s always had a fetish for jumping out of airplanes or flying airplanes. Mr. Fly a drone in the air with a video camera and take pictures for a living. There’s all kinds of different ways that aerial photography Service different local businesses. It’s a great way to get pictures and as well as video of real estate. I was recently introduced to this whole idea when I was looking at real estate website that sells a lot of farm and ranch property.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.18.20 PMI saw that they use a drone for some photography and videography to show all the large areas. It would be impossible on the website to see in experience from a birds eye view literally this kind of place. So you had a drawn to the equation with the high definition video camera you’re in the air Mockingbird. It’s really cool because you can also put goggles on actually see from the drums perspective everything that’s being video. Of course you can see this later once the video is edited but if you’re on-site and want to experience it along with the pilot then just put a pair of these goggles on and you’re in the carpet so to speak. This is a lot of fun for my friend who gets to do this on regular basis for a living. I also learned that drones are not legal once you have the proper licensing and pilots license to do this as a professional career. Apparently you can fly on to some extent if you’re an amateur and you’re doing it just for fun. However, if you want me to do this on a professional level there are permits and requirements that you kept me. First of all you have to have a pilots license this is no small task. Obviously there’s a lot of training and a lot of studying that one must dude to get his or her license. But if you’re just needing some incredible video footage for your small business such as a real estate company then you should give my friend Craig because he’s one of the leaders in the area ( for providing this kind of service.

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